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3 good reasons why you should opt a Hospicash cover

It will be good to have an Insurance which extends daily allowances to cover your extra expenses.

Having a health insurance with appropriate Sum Insured value will help you in getting treatments covered. But, it does not cover your 100% cost of treatment and all related expenses.

Hospital Cash Benefit Cover, either as an additional benefit under a health insurance policy or a separate cover will give you daily cash allowance for a specified period during hospitalisation.

Due to the following reasons, it is best to have an additional hospicash cover:

  1. Certain deductions in health claims are standard.
  2. If you exceed your Room Rent limits, proportionate deductions are applicable in your claims.
  3. You will always have other expenses related to your hospitalisation like costs of travel, food for attenders, etc.

Hospital Cash Benefit cover will extend you daily allowance to cover the expenses as stated above.