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7 Good reasons to add Road Side Assistance Cover

Insurers provide a host of on-site services in case you are stranded on the road.

It is not uncommon for people to get stranded during road trips on their cars. There are various reasons due to which you could get in to such a situation.

Most of the Insurers in India offer ‘Emergency Road Side Assistance’ (RSA) cover as an additional cover on a comprehensive car insurance policy.

  1. Minor Repairs to your car – In case of mechanical/electrical breakdown, the insurer will provide ‘on-site repair’ through their nearby authorised repairers. They will try to ensure minor faults are rectified on site and you are good to go at least until you reach the nearest safe destination.
  2. Towing Services – In case if the fault cannot be rectified on site, the insurer’s service provider will provide towing services to reach your car to the nearest authorised work shop.
  3. Locked out or Loss of Keys – In case if you are mistakenly locked out of your car or have lost your car keys, the insurer will provide on-site assistance in getting the keys out of the vehicle or deliver duplicate key from place of residence, if possible.
  4. Flat Tyres – The insurer’s service provider will assist in changing the flat tyre with the spare tyre of your car.
  5. Battery Failure – The service provider will assist in battery jump start.
  6. Ran out of Fuel – The Insurer will assist in providing fuel up to 5 litres on- site at your cost, in case if you ran out of fuel.
  7. Wrong fuel filled – The insurer will provide the cost of emptying the fuel tank in case wrong fuel is mistakenly filled.

The specific covers under RSA will vary from Insurer to Insurer. Most of the insurers don’t take in to account claims under RSA while considering No Claim Bonus during renewals.