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Advantages of a PoSP of Monkeycap.com

As a POSP of Monkeycap, you have distinct advantages against any agent of an insurance company. The four major advantages are,

  1. Comparison: You will be able to generate comparison of Insurance premiums for your customer’s needs by yourself in Monkeycap.com and share it to your customer by email. All customers will be happy to see a comparison of premiums to choose the best they want.
  2. Competitive Price: The Premiums in Monkeycap.com will be highly competitive and the customers will be able to save up to 60% or 65% of the OD premium for Cars and Bike.
  3. Convenience: You will be able to do all the sales from your desktop/laptop computer or your Mobile phone or Tab. All the process is online and secure. No Cheques/No Travel/No Paperwork, absolute convenience of “on desk/palm top” management of your business, enabling you to do your business and earn being at home.
  4. Claim Support: The very important part of success in Insurance is, your customer should get the claims on time when it occurs. Our dedicated claim support team is always available to your customer when he needs, during claims. The claim support team will ensure that your customer is provided proper guidance and support for early settlement of claims. This will indeed help you get the satisfaction of your customer and enable you to renew the policies of your customers every year.

Come join us in Monkeycap to be part of our family to make happy customers and long-term business for you.

For more information, enrolment procedure and guidelines, call us at 1800 258 6763 or ‘request a call back’