Accumulation Limit

The maximum paid on a claim by an Insurer

The maximum amount payable by the Insurer in respect of any one Accident, irrespective of the number of Insured Persons involved in such Accident. In the event that an Accident results in loss greater than the Accumulation Limit, claim is distributed proportionately to all Insured Persons, subject to the maximum Sums Insured per Benefit and per Insured Person.


Illegal seizure or forceful takeover of control of any Common Carrier with violence/threat of violence, committed for any reason (political, religious, ideological, etc.) by any person or group.

Daycare Procedures

Treatments that require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation

Day care procedures are treatments or surgical procedures carried out under general or local anaesthesia in a hospital or a Day Care Centre. Nowadays, due to advancement in technology, certain treatments and surgeries does not require hospitalisation for more than 24 hours.

Such procedures are listed out by many insurers as Day Care Procedures and allowed coverage under their health insurance plans.

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Ambulance Charges

Benefits paid towards usage of ambulances

As per a limit specified in the policy, the insurer pays for the Ambulance Charges related to each and every emergency hospitalisation. Usually, the limit is Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 per emergency hospitalisation.

Automatic Restoration

Sum Insured exhausted? No issues! This add on automatically restores it..

When your health insurance Sum Insured gets exhausted due to hospitalisation treatments midway during the policy period of one year, the automatic restoration or refill benefit restores an equivalent amount of the Sum Insured for the remainder of the policy period.

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Convalescence Expenses

Benefits that are paid towards the insured’s recovery expenses

Convalescence benefit is also known as recuperating/recovery benefit. Under this benefit, the health insurance company covers the incurred recovery expenses for the insured. This acts as a cushion for the insured, paying any costs that may arise during and after hospitalisation. See Post Hospitalisation.