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Cover for Accessories

Additional electrical and non-electrical accessories like AV system, LCD screens, Fog Lamps, Alloy Wheels, etc., fitted in your vehicle can be covered with this add-on benefit by choosing a sum insured to cover the value of such accessories.

Usually, the value will be added to the IDV of the vehicle to cover for any theft/burglary/damages of the accessories.

Accessories are classified in to two parts – Electrical and Non-electrical. Electrical accessories will include Stereo systems, LCD Displays, Reverse cameras, Car Cameras, Anti-theft devices, Fog Lamps, Brake Lights, etc. Non-electrical accessories will include Seat Covers, Interiors, Alloy Wheels, etc.

These accessories are not naturally covered in your car insurance policy unless you choose to add ‘Cover for Accessories’ add-on benefit with an appropriate Sum Insured covering the value of all the additional accessories. It will cover for any possible theft or damage of the accessories.

By adding safety accessories like Anti-theft devices, car camera and tyre pressure monitor, you can also avail additional discount on your premium.