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Do I need a ‘tyre cover’ as add-on even if my vehicle insurance is comprehensive?

A tyre cover will be important when your car’s tyre gets damaged due to

  1. Road impact cuts or bursts – when there is no accidental damage to the car.
  2. Impact bulging not related to manufacturing defect or any other chemical or atmospheric changes.
  3. Flattening of tyres due to hard braking.

The above types of damages to tyres are not covered by a normal comprehensive insurance.

The fact that cost of tyres is nowadays very high and difficult to afford makes a ‘tyre cover’ quite essential, particularly for high-end cars where the costs are huge compared to the additional premium paid.

We should note that under the tyre cover the replacement of tyre is allowed only once during the policy year. Once replaced, if the cover needs to remain, requisite revised premium may have to be paid and endorsed on the insurance policy.

It should also be noted that the percentage of claim settled will be proportionate to the remaining life of the tyre (measured as per the depth of the available tread).