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Do we need Health or Health Insurance?

Though good health is ultimate, considering the ecosystem we are in, one disease and one hospitalisation has the potential to suck our life’s earnings!

Obviously, we need Health. Health is Wealth

Needless to say, being happy by staying healthy is an evident need for everybody, but realized by only a few.

Given the ecosystem most of us are in, does it look like easy to make this particular thing consistent? Can we guarantee it to be consistent all through our lives?

Let us look at a typical Doctor’s Advice to staying healthy,

  1. Keep stress to the minimum – Can we? You can work to keep anything else to the minimum but not this guy.
  2. Exercise Daily – Hmm..Yes! But, not possible all days. Obviously! You know why.
  3. Follow a Proper Work Schedule – Aah! That seems to be improper to our style of work. Many of us have a work schedule, but it smokes with usual firefighting and unscheduled meetings, etc. Ultimately you see only a few ticks or no ticks on your ‘to do’ list.
  4. Eat Healthy – We eat. But, honest to ourselves, do we know if it is healthy? All that looks healthy may not be really.
  5. Get routine Health checks – Come on. With all the above out of focus, it is a real nightmare till we get “all green” in the report.
  6. Get enough sleep – Oh! Yes, this is a boon. We see some of our colleagues have it in abundance, but we are not that fortunate;)

Keeping the humor aside, these are quite doable but looks difficult to follow in the kind of lifestyle we are in. We all know this is a fact!

Have you been to a hospital in the near past, for some reason, say, to visit an ailing relative…?

If you had, a very closer look at the other patients and the crowd, you would have noticed the unimaginable growth trend of diseases, ailments around us. It gives a feeling that what struck our near and dear is nothing compared to what is prevailing.

Guys! Happiness is what we should not lose in our lives. In spite of being diligent in following the “Dos” and “Don’ts”, there is higher than ever probability of diseases and ailments today due to things beyond our control.

At the least, we should keep us financially secure by taking a Health Insurance Policy. Do it at an early age to save some cost!

We are becoming well aware, one disease and one hospital has the potential today to suck our life’s earnings and to push our family and us to a deprived status!