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Category: Food is Medicine! Immunity is the Focus!

Keep the commoner in your daily diet – Ginger to boost immunity

Ginger is a common and indispensable ingredient in our kitchen. An important aromatic spice, it helps us in boosting immunity and keeping us healthy in many ways.

Fresh ginger is rich in gingerol that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It has multiple health benefits as listed below.

  1. Strengthens immune system
  2. Eases Flu and common cold
  3. Keeps our stomach healthy and eases digestion
  4. Fights Cancer
  5. Helps reduce cholesterol levels
  6. Remedies vomiting
  7. Regulates Blood Sugar level

Ginger soaked in honey and consumed every morning in empty stomach is a traditional practice that gives best results in terms of boosting immunity, keeping our digestive system intact and staying healthy.