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What if a network hospital denies ‘cashless’ treatment facility..

The insurance broker plays the expert coordinator to resolve it.

There are many instances hospitals will deny ‘cashless facility’ even though the insurance company has a tie-up with them. While there can be various reasons behind the denial of cashless facility, a customer who is at the door step of healthcare and insurance service providers should not be put to difficulty.

In such a situation, what is the best choice for the customer?

In these distress situations, the best choice for him/her is to depend on an expert coordinator who will support them from their side, ie., their insurance broker. The customer should, at this stage and always during claims, should rely on the claim support services of a responsible and committed insurance broker.

Whatever may be the reason for the hospital to deny ‘cashless’, even with tie-up in place, the insurance broker coordinates as the customers’ representative between the TPA/Insurer and the hospital for the resolution specific to the customer’s request of ‘cashless’ treatment.