Any and all illnesses or diseases

Any illness or disease, excluding any disease or illness for which medical treatment was recognised, advised, sought out, or should have been sought out, or received before the Policy Period.

Immediate Family

Includes close family members in the same country

Policyholder’s spouse, children, children in law, siblings, siblings in law, parents, parents in law, grandparents, grandchildren, legal guardian, ward, aunts & uncles, nieces & nephews; living in the same country as the policyholder.


An amount or period of time for which the Insurer will not be responsible for the claim

The amount stated in the Policy as a percentage or a fixed amount for which the Insurer will not be responsible if the claim falls below such percentage or fixed amount, or a period of time for which the Insurer will not be responsible unless the period of time has expired.


The beneficiary is the individual that receives the benefit

In case of death, unless specified otherwise, Beneficiary means the individual, specified by the policyholder, to whom the benefits are given.
In case of other benefits, the policyholder themselves may be the beneficiary.

Accumulation Limit

The maximum paid on a claim by an Insurer

The maximum amount payable by the Insurer in respect of any one Accident, irrespective of the number of Insured Persons involved in such Accident. In the event that an Accident results in loss greater than the Accumulation Limit, claim is distributed proportionately to all Insured Persons, subject to the maximum Sums Insured per Benefit and per Insured Person.