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Quiz: What If !

Put your Insurance knowledge to test with this simple scenario based “What If !” Quiz


#1 Your health insurer’s network hospital declines your ‘cashless’ treatment request? The best option before you is to

#2 You had an accident claim on your car last year and you are not getting a No Claim Bonus this year. Which one of these add-on covers did you miss last year?

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NCB Protection

#3 You find out after renewal that your regular Car insurer has charged higher premium compared to other insurers. You didn’t do this before renewing.

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Compare and Save

#4 Your health insurer made a 30% proportionate deduction on all your associated treatment charges during claims. The reason for this is

#5 Your car insurer deducted certain percentage of claim amount while paying your car’s accident repair. You missed including this add-on cover in your car insurance

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Zero or Nil Depreciation Cover

#6 You made a total loss of your car and your car insurer paid full price of a new car. You were smart to choose this cover

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Invoice Cover or Return to Invoice