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Health Insurance : With easy comparisons, competitive premiums and expert claim support for all your health insurance claims, is the best place to buy online health insurance policies online.

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It's not about how quick you are… It's about how informed are you when you buy Insurance.


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Highly efficient platform offering competitive quotes at affordable premiums. Very happy to see that Monkeycap has a dedicated claim support services team for helping me with all my insurance claims and claim related queries

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What it means to you…

It's not about how quick you are… It's about how informed are you when you buy Insurance.

Room Rent Limit – Why and how it is important

The limit imposed on the coverage of boarding expenses or room rent, along with nursing fees of the hospital is called room rent limit in health insurance.

Exclusions and Waiting Period in Health Insurance

While buying health insurance policy for the first time, all the insurers exclude coverage of certain diseases for a specified period of time from the date of inception of the policy.

Pre-Existing Condition

A pre-existing condition is any ailment or disease that a person is already suffering from at the time of purchasing health insurance.

Daycare Procedures

Due to advancements in technology, outpatient procedures such as cataract operations, etc., do not require 24 hours of hospitalisation. These come under the list of daycare procedures covered by an insurance company...Read more