It is good to be aware of ‘Deductibles’ in your health insurance claim

As per standard industry practice, there are non-payable items in hospital bills under health insurance claims

Health Insurance does not cover 100% of the treatment cost

You should be aware of what is payable and not payable on your hospitalisation claim by your health insurer. All insurers will require an itemised bill for the purpose of processing the claims, whether it is a cashless or a reimbursement claim.

Certain of the items in the bill, charged by the hospital, are not payable by the Insurance Company, as an Industry standard. These non-payable charges in the hospital bill are called ‘Deductibles’.

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Be Aware of how to approach your health insurance claims

It is important for you to get a fundamental understanding of how to approach claims process in order that you don’t get stuck during claims process

Most probably, you can get stuck in health insurance claims process when you or your loved ones are hospitalised due to illnesses.

Our intent here is to give an account of high-level requirements during the process of health insurance claims for your benefit, in order that you get the fundamental understanding of how to approach the claims process.

Cashless Claims

There are three major follow ups in cashless claims,

  1. Choose a Network Hospital – Cashless claims are possible only in hospitals that are in the Network list of your health Insurer
  2. Approach the hospital’s Insurance Desk – All hospitals have an Insurance Processing Desk
  3. Discharge Procedure at the Hospital – Coordinate for early completion of discharge formalities.

Choose a Network Hospital

Find out your best choice of hospital, which falls in the network list of your health insurance company. Normally, people seek the recommendation of the physician who diagnosed them of the ailment and referred to a hospital where the physician may know the specialist.

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