Cover for Legal Liability to Paid Driver

This cover is required if drivers are hired or employed to drive your car. There is a legal liability for the owner a car to protect such paid drivers during their working hours under the workmen compensation act/fatal accidents act/common law.

This is not an automatic cover in comprehensive car insurance policies. It is an optional cover for which, you have to pay additional few hundred rupees if you are likely to use paid drivers.

Even if you prefer self driving, you will not know when you will be necessitated to hire a driver. So, it always makes sense to add this cover to your car insurance policy.

Engine Protect Cover

Engine Protect is an add-on cover which provides protection against damage to engine and its parts due to ingress of water, which is common during monsoon or due to hydrostatic lock, leakage of lubricating oil, damage to gear box, etc.

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NCB Protection

The add-on cover that keeps your NCB intact even if you had a claim on your motor insurance policy

NCB Protection is an additional cover that protects the No Claim Bonus earned until previous year, even if there is a claim in this year’s policy. No Claim bonus (NCB) is a discount applicable on renewal of motor comprehensive insurance for every claim free policy year

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Passenger Cover

If you feel responsible to your near and dear, you should consider passenger cover..

Passenger Cover is an additional benefit which provides personal accident insurance for unnamed passengers travelling in your car. The premium is calculated based on the seating capacity of the vehicle.

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