Daily Allowance

Certain health insurance policies offer daily cash benefits to meet your medical and non-medical expenses during your stay in a hospital. Insurers offer daily hospital allowances either as a part of the insurance policy or as an additional Rider.


Usually a health insurance policy covers individuals that are dependent on the policyholder too

Dependants of a policy holder under a family floater policy include Spouse, unmarried children, usually of age less than 25, and/or parents of an insured, as chosen by the insured, to whom coverage is extended.

Lifelong Renewability

Permits the policyholder to continue with a policy without restriction

Once a Policy is issued, the policyholder has the right to continue renewing it lifelong. Lifetime renewability would be available even if there is a Claim made in the previous year. Insurers cannot deny renewal without furnishing a valid reason for doing so.

Organ Donor Coverage

In cases involving organ replacement (eg. kidney transplant) for a policyholder, most expenses to the extent of the Sum Insured are covered by standard health policies. Under the organ donor coverage, the donor’s inpatient expenses are also covered, but with restrictions. Even if the donor has a health insurance policy, it is unlikely that expenses will be reimbursed, unless the insurer explicitly provides such a cover. Most policies come with a list of exclusions for organ donor coverage.

Maternity Benefits/Coverage

Maternity benefits include a part or all of the medical cost during a woman’s pregnancy/childbirth. Coverage is broken down into inpatient and outpatient treatments. Typically, inpatient coverage includes hospitalisation and physician fees associated with childbirth. Outpatient coverage pays for prenatal and postnatal obstetrician-gynaecologist office visits. In all policies covering maternity benefits, there is always a sub-limit associated with this coverage.


Shifting between insurers doesn’t change the benefits of a policy

It is the right of a policyholder to port to another Insurer without losing any of the accumulated bonuses/benefits from the previous policy. Such benefits include the credit gained from various time bound waiting periods; provided the previous policy  was maintained without break.